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From Distributors

Greetings from Life Care Drugs, Chennai. We are very glad as we are your channel partner in Chennai for almost a decade and we feel really proud to be associated with TEAM Aureate. The real strength of the company is that it has got very strong and vibrant sales team across the country and properly guided by excellent leaders from the corporate office.
H Sathya
H. Sathya
Life Care Drugs (Chennai)
We have been dealing with Aureate Healthcare since 2008. Our transactions with the company are flawless. The claims settlements for breakage and expired stocks are done expeditiously. We appreciate the employees, CFA and management for their stockist friendly policies and faster actions.
Manjunath K. Adiga
Manjunath K. Adiga
Medihauxe International (P) Ltd. (Chennai)
Aureate field staff we feel they are very co operative and helpful. During their business transaction they are very crystal clear and transparent with the customer and suppliers and the company’s role.
K Ranganathan
K Ranganathan
Sai Pharma (Chennai)
From last 12 years we are associated with Aureate Healthcare and we feel proud of this. They have a very professional approach towards the business and have quality products with affordable pricing. I convey my best wishes to the company for their future plans.
Vinay Shukla
Vinay Shukla
Shakun Sales Pvt. Ltd. (Lucknow)
A professional, well organised and highly motivated young team that have always delivered in the past and will in the future. I have worked with this company for over many years now and have always been thoroughly delighted with the effort and outcome of their endeavours.
Tanuj Garg
Tanuj Garg
Speciality Pharma (New Delhi)
We, Life Care Super Specialities, as a channel partner are very pleased to have 12 years association with Aureate Healthcare, the business practices, modus operandi, professional approach and services of the company are appreciable.
Manish Bhai Shah
Manish Bhai Shah
Life Care Super Specialities (Ahmedabad)
I want to thank you the Aureate Healthcare for your support and services all these years. My organization also grown with your company support and services. We received timely orders and Credit Notes and having very good relation with your whole team.
Rakesh Mahankali
Rakesh Mahankali
Mahankali Agencies (Hyderabad)
I like to thank you for our 8 years association with Aureate Healthcare as a channel partner. I appreciate all Aureate Product range, all are different and great scope in Market.
Vishal Agarwal
Vishal Agarwal
Vishal Agencies (Hyderabad)
The company has carved out a distinct identity for itself in Indian Oncology market and established its own brand value and product like Docefect and Pamifect in very short time. Company leadership developed a very transparent and safe system for its channel partner and contributed in our growth.Company always believe in quality product and maintaining reasonable prices.We feel very proud and happy on our 13 years association. Our best wishes for future endeavors.
Rajeev Gupta
Rajeev Gupta
Speciality Pharma (Jaipur)
We are working with M/S Aureate Healthcare, from so many years. This company is fully professional in its business nature.
Harjinder Laadi
Harjinder Laadi
Gurmail Drug Store (Ludhiana)
I appreciate the outstanding customer service that you provided. You have a great team that makes customers like me feel respected & valued.
Vikas Singh Rathore
Vikas Singh Rathore
S.M Enterprises (Patna)
From good to great in the process which you are following in various aspects of products, invoicing, credit notes, payment etc. Keep on the good work & process, only system make any company good to great.
Deepak Kumar
Deepak Kumar
Oncomed Marketing (Patna)

From Team

I joined the budding Aureate Healthcare in 2009. Aureate's top management and my seniors are great people to work with. They have a personal touch with employees, unlike many other organizations. Having been part of Aureate, we have grown today to an applaudable stature. All employees are given equal treatment, acknowledged on their merits, and motivated during their lows. All our PAN INDIA team members work with full 'Josh'.
S. Ramesh (AGM)
I am part of Aureate Healthcare, since 2008. During my tenure of 12+ years with the company I have realized that it’s the best place to work. Everyone here works with a positive attitude and high motivation. You are constantly learning new things here. Additionally, the management is highly professional and help employees to grow within the organization. Respect, care, and excellence are qualities that move from the top and flow through the rest of the company. Aureate healthcare is an exceptional company to work with.
Nitin Gupta (NSM)
Nitin Gupta (AGM)
I joined Aureate Healthcare in 2013 and saw the growth journey of the organization from an entrant in the market to one of the most trusted name in the oncology segment. I really appreciate the professional environment and employee-friendly policies of the organization. Many of our products are now amongst the top 5 most prescribed brands in the country. Some of our products are unique and some are market leaders too. Aureate gives different opportunities to employees for their career growth. I am glad that I too got the opportunity of my career growth here.
Anil Gupta
Anil Gupta (NSM)
My 10 years journey so far with Aureate has been a wonderful experience which has enriched me professionally and personally. Aureate has always provided me with an extremely congenial work culture which enabled me to grow along with the company. I feel humbled to be a part of this organisation and look forward to many more milestones to be achieved in the coming days.
Madhurima Sengupta (Sr. RBM)
Madhurima Sengupta (ZBM)
I have been associated with Aureate Healthcare since 2017. 6 years now, and I can say I feel empowered with the kind of experiences I have had with the organisation. I have been part of several trainings and meetings since my joining, which have helped me to improve my skills further in terms of functional and behavioral aspects. I find that there is a friendly working environment here among the team members.I am proud to be a part of Aureate Healthcare.
Ramesh Kalakuntla
Ramesh Kalakuntla (Sr. RBM)
I have been associated with AUREATE since March 2014. AUREATE is a place where one can work passionately and dare to dream big. Individual talents and achievements are recognized in the company and encouraged by all. Senior Management is approachable and receptive to new ideas.
Sushil Kr. Messon (ABM)
Sushil Kr. Messon (RBM)
I'm working as Senior Business Development Manager in Aureate Healthcare. Joined in 2009, sine 14years I'm with Aureate Healthcare. In my professional career, I never seen such a great working culture. Aureate helped me a lot in my personal growth as well as in my professional growth. In all these years I never ever found any compromise on the quality of products and also not in in customer service. I'm so glad to be part of Aureate Healthcare
C. Rajesh
C. Rajesh (Sr. BDM)
I have been in Aureate Healthcare since 2013. Aureate has a good reputation in the market and is among the fastest-growing organizations. I have spent the maximum number of years of my total career in Aureate. After 11 years in Aureate Healthcare, I can confidently say it has been an incredible journey. The opportunities for growth and development have been unmatched, and the camaraderie among colleagues has made every day enjoyable.
Sanjeev Kumar Bhatia
Sanjeev Kumar Bhatia (ABM)
“Accomplish MORE Together…Have a POSITIVE Impact…Make it EVEN Better..Be the BEST Person You Can Be are what describes AUREATE as a vibrant and dynamic organization. In my 7 years I have thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the organization’s priorities, insights and culture. I joined as a BDE and have been elevated to the post of Sr. ABM.
ArindamGuha (Sr. BDM)
Arindam Guha (Sr. ABM)
Great organisation to work with. I have been associated with Aureate Healthcare since 2009. The company has given me the scope to grow personally & professionally. Management & Seniors are very supportive in guiding employee to achieve career goals. I am very glad to work with this team.
Arupananda Dakua (Sr. ABM)
I have been working with Aureate Healthcare since 2019. Aureate is very employee friendly organisation & gives immense opportunities for personal & professional growth. Aureate is well established organisation in market with numerous unique brands & few of brands are not only well established but also among top brands of that segment. I am blessed to be part of Aureate family where I got vertical & horizontal growth.
Vivek Rai (Sr. BDM)
I have been associated with Aureate Healthcare since 2014. I started as a fresher here as a Product Executive and have since been given the opportunity to take on more responsibilities and grow in my role. I am glad to gain further experience since 2021 in such a challenging and positive work environment where the focus is to solve problems through team cooperation and moving towards a common vision. Individual talents and achievements are recognized in the company and encouraged by all.
Chandni Bhatia img
Chandni Bhatia (Product Manager)