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The objective of Regain is to help patients regain the Strength, Confidence & Faith in oneself, God, the treating Doctor & above all life. Regain will provide innovative options to deliver medications that are patient friendly and options that will ensure effective management of patients.

Secure Port is an implantable port device, which is implanted in the central venous system for mid and long term use. It consists of two parts: port and catheter. Port consists of a case having a hard bottom in synthetic material, a durable material that does not cause any reactions. This case is placed under the skin and attached to the subcutaneous tissue and a septum made in self-sealing silicone rubber that can be punctured hundreds of times. The catheter is a silicon-coated tube with one side is inserted directly into a central blood vessel and the other side connected to the exit of the reservoir.

Secure port avoids puncture wounds and damage directly to the vein. The port is generally very visible and easily felt, resulting in safer, more efficient access than an IV site. A safe, suitable IV access site can be difficult to locate for some patients. There are 3 types of secure port for adult’s i.e Secure Port PLP, Secure Port Ti and Secure Port PLP Pre-Connected and Secure Port which is used for pediatrics is called Secure Port miniMAX. Secure port can be used for chemotherapy, antibiotic, nutritional supplement, blood withdrawal, blood transfusion and contrast media. Secure Ports are MRI compatible.

Secure Port Hubber Needles, It is available in three type’s i.e

  • Double lumen 20 Gauge x 1’’
  • Non Coring Needle- Right Angle – 22 Gauge X 1”
  • Non –coring Needle- Right Angle – 20 Gauge X 1’.

A Huber needle is a specially designed hollow needle used with a chemotherapy port. The needle has a long, beveled tip that can go through skin as well as the silicone septum of your implanted port’s reservoir. These needles are specifically designed to access implanted medication ports.

HealthPICC is thin flexible tube (catheter) inserted into a vein in arm threaded to a larger vein near to heart. It is used for medium term access (up to 6 months). HealthPICC comprises of Power injectable PICC Lines i.e 4 Fr double lumen and 5 Fr double lumen. Health PICC is also available as single lumen 4FR and 5FR catheters. The catheter is made of last generation Polyurethane, with depth marks on it, and Power injectability indications.

All catheter versions are power injectable as they have Max injector pressure of 300psi, Max fluid density of 12cP and Pre-heating of contract medium to 37C.These catheter are made of last generation Polyurethane with depth markings and power injectibility indications and also compatible with ECG technique for an easy and safe control of catheter tip position. Health PICC is less traumatic to place (reduced intrathoracic or venipuncture complications, no surgical requirements, shown to be associated with a reduction in catheter sepsis (infection), cost and time effective, decreased peripheral bacterial colonies vs. jugular, thoracic or femoral area, usually easily removed and it reduces patient discomfort and provide a reliable form of access.

Biopsy devices are used to remove a piece of a sample or a tissue of cells from the body to analyze in the laboratory for presence of a disease. A biopsy is a medical test commonly performed by a surgeon, interventional radiologist, or an interventional cardiologist. The process involves extraction of sample cells or tissues for examination to determine the presence or extent of a disease. For bone biopsy different biopsy devices are available i.e Best Lisas, Best Lisas Dual, Paragon, Mielo-Can, Mileo-Can ILIAC.

The instrument that perform the biopsy has to pass the periosteum and retrieve specimen from the spongy bone ( Core or aspiration).  For soft tissue biopsy also different devices are available i.e  Spring cut, Multicore, Colt, Fast-Gun, Fast Cut, Full-Opty and Complete Chiba. Soft tissue is the tissue of an internal organ. Organ of interest for a biopsy are: Liver, Kidney, Pancreas, Sleen, Lung, Breast, Prostate, Lymph nodes and thyroid. The needle can reach the organ either directly through open surgery or through the skin.

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What is Secureport

What is Secureport

  • The SECUREport is a totally implantable intracorporeal access system.
  • Specifically designed to permit repeated infusions of therapeutic solutions.
  • Reduces the risk of traditional intracorporeal catheters.
  • Reduces the need for repeated and painful vascular punctures.
  • It does not require complicated & risky positioning procedures.
What is Secureport 1

What is Secureport

  • VENOUS : Infusion of Chemotherapies and antibiotics, Infusion of nutritional solutions, Infusion of blood components/derivatives, Infusion of antalgic drugs, Blood withdrawal.
  • ARTERIAL : For the continuous (or bolus) infusion of Chemotherapies for the loco-regional treatments.
  • SPINAL : For the continuous (or bolus) infusion of analgesic drugs in the treatment of chronic pain. : For the continuous (or bolus) infusion of analgesic drugs in the treatment of chronic pain.
  • POWER : For Power Injection of contrast media up to 5ml / sec.
Power injection


Infusion of contrast media for the performance of diagnostic assesements as CT and MNR. High flow injection (up to 5ml/s) of a very viscous fluid through an infusion line including that involves a central venous Catheter and it is fed by a volumetric pump with a nominal pressure threshold of 300psi (20,4 atm – 20,7 bar ) – real values beyond 350psi

The Infusion line

PERFORMANCE: The infusion system is able to obtain the desired flow rates SAFETY: The elements of the system withstand the pressure induced by “Power” Infusion

infusion line

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