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Our Divisions

Aureate Healthcare has 4 divisions. 3 divisions cater to oncology segment namely Onco, Wellness and Regain. Aureate Healthcare is also catering to critical care management through it’s division Radiant.


Offers a range of medicines for varied type of cancers like breast cancer, ovarian cancer, gastric cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, head & neck cancer etc.


Offers a wide range of supportive care products for strengthening the hands of Oncologists in managing side effects related to primary therapy. These products have been very well accepted & used by the oncology fraternity to improve quality of life (QOL) of cancer patients during and after treatment.


The objective of Regain is to help patients regain the Strength, Confidence & Faith in oneself, God, the treating Doctor & above all life. Regain will provide innovative options to deliver medications that are patient friendly and options that will ensure effective management of patients.


Radiant is aimed to promote excellence of care to patients even in critical conditions. Radiant strives to offer high quality products & services to help doctors give the best of care to their patients. Radiant is committed to add new drugs in this therapeutic area and address the unmet needs of patients and doctors.