Aureate Cancer Foundation

Aureate Cancer Foundation (ACF) & CSR

“Business our aim, but Social Responsibility our Commitment”.
With this belief & motto of providing “Healthcare beyond expectations” to all, Aureate healthcare created a social arm named ACF – Aureate Cancer Foundation which works as a crusader against cancer.

ACF is an NGO working in cancer patient support, education and awareness. ACF is recognized under section 80 G of income tax for exemption. You can adopt a cancer patient for treatment, medications by donating to ACF.

Objectives :

a) ACF adopts poor & needy patients in part or totality upon recommendations of oncologists. A part of our sales revenue is used to meet the medical needs of selected patients.
b) Spreading cancer awareness through various media platforms like Radio, TV, Magazines, Newspapers etc.
c) Activities to support patients and their families.
d) Patient counselling through a panel consisting of psychologists & doctors.

ACF-CSR Objectives

Public Awareness Information

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