/ Xerostene
/ Xerostene


  • Composition :

    Supersaturated Calcium Phosphate

  • Packaging Sizes/Strengths :

    One Combipack of 2 Bottles ( 2*15 ml)

  • Use :

    Xerostomia (Dryness of Mouth)

  • Prescription/Non Prescription :


  • Form :

    Oral Rinse

Product Description

Xerostene is a powerful combination in the care and maintenance of xerostomia. It contains the same inorganic components that are present in natural saliva; calcium, phosphate. Super Saturated Calcium and Phosphate rinse (SSCP) were developed specifically to manage the severe and painful symptoms related to mucositis found with severe Xerostomia. It is highly concentrated electrolyte solution (calcium and phosphate ions in a supersaturated state) resembling human saliva. Xerostene moistens, lubricates and cleanses the oral cavity and promotes soft tissue healing by permeating the epithelium of injured tissues, helps in restoring the natural electrolyte and pH balance of human saliva and also allows the maintenance of tooth mineral integrity.