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  • Composition :

    CurQlife (patented Curcumin), Nutramunity (patented Beta Glucan), Piperine

  • Packaging Sizes/Strengths :

    CurQlife – 250 mg, Nutramunity Beta Glucan -100 mg, Piperine –5 mg
    (60 Capsules/Bottle)

  • Use :

    Enhances Immunity

  • Prescription/Non Prescription :


  • Form :


Product Description

ImuXtra contains CurQlife -Curcumin in Patented HLB Technology, Nutramunity – Beta Glucan 1,3-1,6 which is also Patented by Oslo, Norway and Piperine. All three ingredients are potent immuno-modulators and are strongly backed by clinical studies. Because of patented technology, it gives very effective result in enhancing the immunity of the patients. For strong immunity patients need something unique & more and there are so many immunity products in the market but Imuxtra has unique combination of 3 potent Immuno-modulators in “Patented Technology” which makes ImuXtra unique from the rest.